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Project Overview

We are engaged in the field of international plant-engineering contracts, project design, export of the whole set of equipment and technology, as well as contracts of EPC project and Turnkey project, such as steel plant (rolling mill, steel-making plant, etc.), steam power plant (coal fired or refuse incineration), and air separation plants (for producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc), gas projects (natural gas reforming H2 plants, CO2recovery plant), H2O2 plants, Cryogenic liquid storage tanks (for LOX/LIN, LCO2 etc), CNC machine tools, and various cranes etc. We also specialize in oil refining plant projects and thermal insulation materials projects (Refractory Castable Materials used for electricity power plant, steel plant and cement plant etc.), as well as, as one of leading suppliers of ground support products for underground mining projects (mining grids, roof mats, rock mesh, rock bolts and high strength rock plate etc.) . 


Last year we have successfully set up a set of 100,000t/a angle (round bar) rolling mill plant in Surabaya, 3500NM3/H nitrogen liquefaction plant in Jakarta and several sets of air separation plants, such as 5000 NM3/H plant in Jakarta, 2000 NM3/H plant in Surabaya and 600 NM3/H plant in Makassar. And signed a new contract of a set of 40,000 NM3/h Oxygen air separation plant and a 10000 nm3/h nitrogen liquefaction unit.


There’re still many other projects under construction, such as a 500,000t/h H-beam steel rolling mill plant, a 30MW coal fired power plant, a natural gas reforming H2 plant, as well as several sets of air separation plants as following: two sets of 600NM3/H, a set of 1200NM3/H, a set of 2000NM3/H, a set of 3200NM3/H, a set of 3500NM3/H and a set of 7000NM3/H air separation plant, and a set of 2700NM3/H liquid air separation plant,due to be completed with in 2014.


Each year we have several air separation & gas reforming plants to be erected in Southeast Asia, and at the same time, the supporting heat exchangers, air/gas compressors and DCS control systems to be exported.


YIHO is developing rapidly thanks to a qualified engineering team, especially the supporting from those renowned design institutes such as China Southwest Chemical Design Institute, Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry, China United Engineering Corporation and Hangyang Research Institute, etc.


Due to YIHO’s good commercial reputation, considerable funds and credit, and advanced technology, we have made outstanding achievements in the field of exporting whole sets of equipments and technology. Every year, we have several large scale projects to be completed in Southeast Asia, as well as in other parts of the world.


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