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Indonesia exported 100,100 t / a angle iron / bar production line contract signing ceremony

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Brief introduction of 100,000 t/a Angle Steel and Round Bar Rolling Mill Works contracted by Shenzhen Yiho Technology Co., Ltd. with Indonesia:


Production capacity: To establish a complete and operable angle steel and round bar rolling mill works with the production capacity of 100,000 t/a for specific individual product which designated as angle steel and or Round Bar based on  6,600 (six thousand six hundred) effective running hours per year.


Normal production:
40~50mm angle: 18t/h
60~80mm angle: 26t/h
Φ16mm~22mm round bar: 18t/h
Φ25mm~32mm round bar: 26t/h


Supply scope: To provide the Buyer with the design, manufacturing, and the machineries and equipments, and with the technical instruction service for plant erection, commissioning, start-up operation at the worksite, including the technology and techniques for the normal production, operation and maintenance of the plant, equipments for the safe and stable production and spare parts (excluding consumable parts such as rollers etc.) for two years' normal production, and design and relevant technical documentation for erection and installation, test run, commissioning procedure, normal operation and maintenance of the plant, and the supervision and technical service for the installation, commissioning and start-up operation of the plant at the worksite.


Shenzhen Yiho Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained excellent records in the field of exporting complete machinery and equipment to Southeast Asia countries through the years. We had several such big size projects completed each year. The follow-up expansion project to this rolling mill, a coal fired steam power plant as a backup of the mill and a 500,000t/a H-beam steal rolling mill are placed on our agenda. Due to Yiho’s good commercial reputation and wonderful achievements in the industry, this project will be accomplished perfectly as scheduled.  

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