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Group Introduction

Shenzhen Yiho Technology Co., Ltd.(YIHO)directly under Shenzhen Yiho Holding Corporation mainly undertakes international engineering contracts, labor services, project design, export of the whole set of equipment and technology as well as contracts of EPC project and Turnkey project, and the trade of mechanical, chemical, and lighting products etc.

Our International Project business has such plant projects as air separation plants (for producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc), H2 plants(natural gas reforming), H2O2 plants, CO2 recovery plants, steel plant (rolling mill, steel-making plant, etc.),  and related dynamic equipments(such as compressor, expander, cryogenic pump, etc), Cryogenic liquid storage tanks (for LOX/LIN, LCO2 etc), CNC machine tools, various cranes etc, and DCS control systems etc. We also specialize in oil refining plant projects and thermal insulation materials projects (Refractory Castable Materials used for electricity power plant, steel plant and cement plant etc.)

As to our trading business, we mainly export mechanical, chemical, and lighting products, which have a big range of products such as steel billets, various profile steel products (angle steel, bar steel, H-beam steel etc.),steel tower for communication or electric power transmitting use, metal products (tin-zinc alloy wires, solder wires etc.),chemical products(all sorts of catalyst etc.) ,high pressure steel containers(various gas cylinders),lighting lamps and bulbs, mechanical equipments (plasma cutting equipment etc.), and we also import advanced equipment and technologies. 

YIHO emphasizes in cooperation and win-win partnership. The capability of integrating operation in both the domestic and overseas market has improved increasingly during the longtime practice. YIHO has formed a worldwide business and information network. We have shaped a multiple market network within the Asia-Pacific Region, and Europe as our main markets and also in North America, Middle East, and Latin America as our secondary markets. In the meantime, with joint management as its link, advanced technology as its support, and powerful manufacturers as its backup force, YIHO has kept close relation with hundreds of industrial and commercial enterprises, engineering and research institutions, construction companies and research universities in china, as a jointment of technology, manufacturing and trade business. With a wide business scope, the company has completed numerous industrial and civil contracts such as energy, chemical, and construction. 

YIHO remains true to the company’s commitment of “Sustained Effort and Inflexibility Lead To Perfection”. YIHO actively cooperates with all its business partners to expand and promote economic and trade exchanges around the world and it is an active contributor to the progress and development of technology and economy.

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